For more information on current clubs check our calendar. The following clubs can be privately organized for a group or one-on-one instruction. Prices are listed for an hour session.

Benefits of Chess club:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Abstract thinking
  • Spatial skills by visualizing the movements of pieces
  • Memory, memorizing opening moves, strategies, previous moves
  • Focus and concentration by paying attention to the pieces that were moved
  • Planning and foresight by strategizing and trying to predict the opponent’s move
  • Learning how to win and how to lose
  • Empathy for perspective of others
  • Understanding consequences, predicting, prioritizing etc.

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $80 per session

Benefits of Basketball Drills and Skills:

  • Physical coordination and mental agility
  • Focus and sustained attention
  • Task persistence through drills
  • Self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Self-control and dealing with frustration
  • Perception of reward for hard work

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $80 per session

Benefits of Animal Encounters:

  • Personal space through interacting with animals
  • Researching and collecting data
  • Training through the use of incentives
  • Grooming and feeding
  • Identifying gender
  • Monitoring animal health
  • Creating habitats
  • Photographing animals
  • Fostering successful interactions
  • Community leadership through creation of animal boards
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Understanding non-verbal language

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $125 per session

Benefits of Arts n’ Crafts:

  • Fine motor skills and bilateral coordination
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking
  • Empathy through understanding your audience
  • Budgeting of material
  • Aesthetics
  • Use of equipment: scissors, glue, tape etc.

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $80 per session

Benefits of Woodworking:

  • Self-esteem through pride in the completion of a project
  • Creating a plan, identifying the steps necessary to realize a concept
  • Communication skills through following directions
  • Creative thinking
  • Time management and time estimation
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination through handling of tools
  • Recognition of textures and properties of wood
  • Equipment safety and wearing the proper protective gear
  • Material science
  • Math through taking measurements
  • waxing, sawing, cutting, sanding etc

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $60 per session

Benefits of Lego:

  • Promotes fine motor skills, Lego pieces require careful manipulation and various degrees of pressure to attach and remove
  • Teamwork, children have to learn how to take turns and share
  • Creativity in using what you have to make something else, colors, shapes etc
  • Problem solving, using alternative pieces and methods when the ideal is not available
  • Communication skills through commenting on other’s work and explaining their project
  • Self-esteem by presenting your creation to be seen by others
  • Math , symmetry, and physics

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $60 per session

Benefits of Business Minds:

  • Learning the basic principles of the economy
  • Formulating a business plan
  • Calculating operating costs
  • Determining ideal markups
  • Using past performance to create projections
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Strategic planning

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $60 per session

Benefits of Think n’ Play:

  • Using creative thinking to innovate solutions
  • Working as a team to complete challenges
  • Improving fine and gross skills
  • Developing critical thinking by analyzing puzzles
  • Exercising communication skills to delegate tasks

Prices: Private group: $80 per session

Benefits of Science Club:

  • Learn science through fun, hands-on activities
  • Learn to measure precisely
  • Following directions
  • Safety procedures and equipment
  • Observe and record findings

Prices: 1:1 or private group: $80 per session

Benefits of Mom n’ Tot Art:

  • Bond with your child
  • Learn about your environment through hands-on exploration
  • Socialize with other moms
  • Foster your child’s self-esteem and creativity

Prices: $10 plus $5 per additional child per session

Benefits of Gymnastics Club:

  • Build self-confidence through the improvement of skills
  • Learn how to work hard and persevere
  • Develop physical strength and flexibility
  • Overcome fears

$60 for 4 sessions, launching soon!

Benefits of Coding Club:

  • Learn the basics of coding
  • Improve logical thought processes
  • Build teamwork through discussing and solving problems in a group
  • Implement trial and error techniques to create solutions