We offer a variety of programming for adults seeking improvement in many aspects of their lives.

Individual Feuerstein Cognitive Enrichment

We provide one on one cognitive enrichment services for adults who want to take their life to the next level, as well as those experiencing executive function or other social/emotional or cognitive challenges.

People who benefit from our services include adults facing ADHD, autism, traumatic brain injury, or memory loss due to aging. Check out our page What is Feuerstein? for more information.

With our one on one cognitive enrichment services at Play Thinks, you will finally learn how your brain works, how you can optimize your potential, and be on top of your game!

Group Settings:

Shidduch Group/Dating Coaching

Parenting Workshops

Executive Functioning Skills Coaching

Employment Opportunities

“Alumni” of our program have experienced Feuerstein first hand, so they know best how influential the method can be in their day to day lives. Jobs and volunteer opportunities are available for teens and adults at a wide range of ability levels. All employment opportunities are sponsored by Center for Learning Abilities